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Luc music video
BOGO frog
Nat Geo Weird But True
From jobs/work where I did the animation only, design by friends and coworkers:
designer: Ivy Tai
Microsoft/ studio: Meister
Airbnb/ Designer: David Saracino
ICX/ Designer: Chris Carboni/ studio: Dresscode
Starbucks Mobile Game/ Designer: Ivy Tai
Spiderman: Homecoming/ Designer: Chris Carboni/ studio: Perception
NatGeo Weird But True
Designer: Jaclyn Mckay
zoom+/ Designer: Chris Carboni/ studio: Sockeye
Google Play/ studio: B-reel
Google Play/ studio: B-reel
ArtistTlk/ studio: Dorian Orange
Target Xmas/ studio: Dorian Orange
Target Xmas: studio: Dorian Orange
Walrus Ad Agency/ studio: Transistor
Walrus Ad Agency/ studio: Transistor